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Clint Mansell - Music from The Wrestler

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STOP READING!!! Listen to the song first:

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of The Wrestler recently and when I found out who had scored it, I was on cloud 9. Now I won't get into a film review, this is not the place, but I will say that the score is phenomenal. Especially the last 45 seconds of this track. The ending of this song has to be some of the most emotionally charged music i've ever heard in my entire existence. Every note, every pause, every guitar strum is exactly at the perfect spot so as to create the most awe inspiring crescendo of audible bliss. And just when you think, no you are SURE the melody will hit it's apex, it's climax, you realize... the song is fading out. It's done. It's over. Roll credits.

It's like your having the most passionate, sweat soaked sex you've ever had and you can feel yourself inching towards that point where you'll both be in thrall to the moment, the ecstasy encompassing all perceptions of reality. The moment right in front of you, practically there in 3, 2... and you just came.

What the fuck just happened. Aww shit! No! just one more second! Damnit!

But it's too late. It's gone. Your breathing has already began to quiet, your heart beat is beginning to slow. The moment's gone.

This song is both the love of your life, faithful to you, heart and soul, and the biggest tease at the exact same time.

It's so God damn frustrating that all we get is 45 seconds of musical perfection. That's it. Clint Mansell is a genius. He has created the musical interpretation to love and the longings we have in life. He has given us everything we could ever want, yet still leaves us aching for more.

God I love this song...

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